Ametek Ortec - Electrical Cooler

ICS Integrated Cryocooling System

The ICS integrated electro-mechanical cooling system for HPGe radiation detectors from ORTEC exploits the latest generation in cryogenic technology to provide LN2-free operation with no loss of detector performance. Using a Sunpower industry proven Stirling cooler, ICS is more efficient and reliable than pulse tube designs. Increased efficiency means improved cooling with proportionally less heat generation and lower power consumption. With a cooler Mean-Time-To-Failure (MTTF) of over 200,000 hours.


Mobius Recycler Condensing Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

The ORTEC Möbius Recycler technology provides “tried and tested” LN cooling of your radiation detector in a system where LN2 requires refilling approximately once every other year under normal, continuous operating conditions. This is achieved by the integration of the Sunpower® cryocooler and a specially designed 28 liter liquid nitrogen dewar.


X-COOLER III Mechanical Cooler

3rd Generation Liquid-Nitrogen-Free Cooling for Counting Laboratory Germanium Radiation Detectors

  • Saves labor and expense in comparison to traditional LN2 cooling: eliminates safety risk in handling of liquid cryogens.
  • Separate cooler and compressor with flexible umbilical makes for easy installation in most existing shields.
  • New design, maintenance-free, all-attitude cold head.
  • Pop-Top™ flexibility: compatible with all ORTEC HPGe radiation detector types. 100% compatible replacement for all previous X-COOLER models.
  • Near silent operation (<60 dB audible noise at 1 meter). Low power consumption (< 400 Watt in operation).


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