eDAQ - e-corder Units
e-corder units are used for the collection, display and analysis of signals from many types of laboratory instruments. They connect to Windows and Macintosh computers via USB, and are supplied with Chart and Scope software. Request price information.

Unlike many specialist data acquisition systems, e-corder can be used to collect data from completely different types of sources on different channels (e.g. pH, oxygen concentration, and temperature) because channel sensitivity and filtering is independently adjustable.

The front panel of e-corder units have connectors for the analog input signals, an analog output signal, and a trigger connector so that recording start and stop times can be synchronized with other instruments.

Each analog input channel is fitted with an easy-to-use BNC connector. The gain of each input can be independently adjusted, in software, to record signals from microvolts to a maximum of ±10 V. Up to four input channels also have alternative 8-pin DIN connectors for connection of eDAQ Pods, or for signals requiring differential input. Each input channel also has a range of low pass filter settings from 20 kHz to 1 Hz.

e-corder 410

Four channels, supplied with Chart and Scope software.

 e-corder 821

Eight channels, supplied with Chart and Scope software.


e-corder 1621

Sixteen channels, supplied with Chart and Scope software.


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