Horiba Scientific - Raman-AFM and Nano-Raman (TERS)



XploRA Nano

Compact, fully automated and easy-to-use, the XploRA Nano concentrates the power of AFM-Raman into an affordable yet full-featured package, making TERS imaging a reality for all. The TERS proven system.


HR Evo Nano

The HR Evo Nano brings ease-of-use and extreme flexibility together for the most demanding applications. With capabilities from deep UV to infrared, high spectral resolution, and an extended set of options and accessories, the HR Evo Nano is ideally suited to perform in any of your research challenge.


CombiScope XploRA

Designed with the life-science in mind, the CombiScope XploRA is the ideal combination of a research-grade biological microscope, compact XploRA confocal spectrometer and outstanding AFM for all those requiring inverted configuration.


TRIOS platform

The most versatile optical AFM coupling platform providing 3 ports for spectroscopy measurements with top-down, side and inverted access. Based on the CombiScope AFM design, the platform is compatible with both XploRA and LabRAM HR Evolution spectrometers.



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