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Hanna Chemical Test Kits

Single or Combination Kits 

Hanna test kits are a simple way to perform accurate chemical analysis. The wide variety of single parameter test kits includes colorimetric, checker disk, titration and turbidimetric methods.

Quick and easy to use, Hanna test kits are supplied ready to use, complete with all the necessary accessories. They are designed to help you work better, faster and safer. All Hanna chemical test kits use color coded dropper bottles which are easy to recognize during analysis.

Includes all you need. Hanna test kits include all necessary reagents and accessories for their specific application.

Ideal for Field Measurements. Equipped with a hard carrying case to keep you organized.

Comprehensive Instructions. Supplied with easy to understand instruction manual to guide you through analysis step by step.

Added advantage: Hanna's exclusive pHep for pH Measurements. For kits with pH measurement, Hanna has included the exclusive pHep Electronic tester so that your analysis will always be quick and reliable. Traditional pH test strips have limited accuracy and do not cover the entire pH range. 

  • Soil Test Kit
  • Environmental Monitoring Test Kit
  • Marine Science Educational Test Kit
  • Agriculture Test Kit
  • Acidity Test Kit
  • Alkalinity Test Kit
  • Ammonia Test Kit (for freshwater and seawater)
  • Boron Test Kit
  • Bromine Test Kit
  • Carbon Dioxide Test Kit
  • Chloride Test Kit
  • Free Chlorine Test Kit (Low, Medium and High Range)
  • Total Chlorine Test Kit
  • Chromium Test Kit
  • Copper Test Kit
  • Formaldehyde Test Kit
  • Glycol Yes/No Test Kit
  • Total Hardness Test Kit
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit
  • Bleach Test Kit
  • Iron Test Kit (Low, Medium and High Range)
  • Nitrate Test Kit
  • Nitrite Test Kit
  • Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit
  • Ozone Test Kit
  • Phosphate Test Kit
  • Salinity Test Kit
  • Silica Test Kit
  • Sulfate Test Kit
  • Quick Check Swimming Pool Test Kit
  • Water Quality Test Kit



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