Solar Light - Germicidal Sensors

The PMA1122 Germicidal analog UVC sensor provides fast and accurate irradiance measurements of the effective germicidal radiation. Ultraviolet radiation at 253.7nm has been used in germicidal applications for several decades.




  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamic range 2*105
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Cosine corrected
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Ease of use
  • Selectable units


  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Purification Systems
  • Environmental testing

> Weatherproof Germicidal UV Detector available

> Underwater Germicidal UV Detector available


Low Cost Germicidal UVC Sensors

The PMA1122 Analog Germicidal UVC sensors are designed for Industrial applications. The robust  casing enables it to operate in aggressive environments, and also offers a low cost option for high volume users.

Designed with a standard 1" thread, the UVC sensor easily fixes into electrical boxes with 1" "knock-out" sections.

Microorganisms (bacteria), usually in air or water, can be killed using UVC or a combination of UV and ozone. The UVC producing lamps in the purification systems must be monitored to insure that the bacteria are receiving a lethal dose of germicidal UVC radiation. The expensive UVC lamps can be monitored to get maximum life out of the lamp before replacement. The germicidal UVC sensor can also be used to insure that the proper lamp has been installed after replacement.


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