Oclaro Wavelength Management

Fixed OADM

  • PowerBlocker
    Dynamic Wavelength Blocker
  • PowerExchanger 100, 200 GHz
    Fixed Optical Add/Drop Modules
  • PowerExchanger PB
    Power Balanced OADM
  • PowerMux
    25/50, 50/100, 100/200 GHz Interleaver



Mux-Demux & OADM

  • 10 Channel Mux-Demux
    10 Channel Mux/Demux with Low-Loss Express; 100GHz Channels
  • 10 Channel Mux-Demux with VOAs
    10 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer with Band VOAs
  • 4 Band OADM with 40ch
    100GHz 4 Band (10-skip-0) Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer for 40 Channel Systems
  • 40 Channel Mux-Demux
    40 Channel Mux/Demux with 100GHz Channels
  • 8 Channel Mux-Demux
    8 Channel Mux/Demux with Low-Loss Express; 100GHz Channels
  • Custom Form Factors
    Rack-Mount or LGX-Compatible Enclosures for Mux/Demux and OADM Applications






Thin Film Filter Chips
  • 100GHz Filters
  • 200GHz Filters
  • 50GHz Filters
  • Banded CWDM Filters
  • Banded DWDM Filters
  • CWDM Filters
  • FTTx Filters
Wavelength Selective Switches
  • WSS 1x2 1x2
    Wavelength Selective Switch











WDM Filter Components
  • 100GHz Band Filter Components
    Banded Skip Filters for 100GHz Add/Drop Multiplexing
  • 100GHz WDM Components
    100GHz WDM Filter Components for OADM
  • 200GHz Band Filter Components
    Band Filters for 200GHz Add/Drop Multiplexing
  • 200GHZ WDM Components
    200GHz WDM Filter Components for OADM
  • CWDM Components
    PON Filter for FTTx PON Filter for FTTx 1310/1490/1550nm
  • Red-Blue with Long or Short Wavelength Pass


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