Yamato Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryer DC41A/41B

Max. Freeze Dryable Amount: Distilled Water 200g/Batch

Vacuum Meter: Bourdon Tube Type (DC41A); Thermocouple Type (DC41B)


  • Operation Hour is 1 to 2 hours shorter than the past models
  • Especially suitable for the sample which is sensitive against Temp
  • Small Capacity Desk Top Type
  • Reasonable Price
  • Less Operation Noise because of No Refrigerator
  • Purge Valve automatically operates to prevent from pump oil’s back flow when breakout occurs
  • Absorber can be regenerated easily by Oven

Freeze Dryer DC401

Trap Cooling Temp.: Room Temp. -45°C

Inner Capacity: 4 L


  • Automatic Leak System can prevent from Vacuum Oil’s Back Flow when the power turned off or breakout occurs.
  • Ice can be refrozen and removed smoothly from the vessel by Hot Gas Bypass System.
  • It’s loaded with Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • Safety Valve is linked with Service Receptacle for Vacuum Pump
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