Yamato Autoclave and Sterilizers

Autoclave with Built-in Cooling Fans

Operating Temp. Range: +105 to +135deg.C (Sterilization)

Internal Capacity:

SN300/310 - 32L
SN500/510C- 47L
SQ500C/510C (Low Height Type) - 47.5L
SQ810C - 80L


Autoclave with Drying Function

These models are automatic high-pressure steam sterilizers with an interactive key input system, which makes it possible to sterilize and dry instruments or clothes used in research or examination of medicine, medical treatment, food, etc., with the utmost safety.

Operating Temp. Range: +105 to +123deg.C (Sterilization); +150 to +180deg.C (Drying)

Internal Capacity:

SM200/210 - 20L
SM300/310 - 32L
SM500/510 - 47L


Benchtop Sterilizer

Yamato's SK series provides a sterilizer with an 18 liter chamber for research processes and samples that do not require much space. HIgh pressure steam is the most widely used method for sterilization due to its speed, reliability, and effectiveness. Yamato's newly designed small capacity autoclaves provide a safe, reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a self-contained unit that is particularly easy to use. This series of autoclaves is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Operating Temp. Range: 50 to 126deg. C

Internal Capacity: SK100C/110C - 18L

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