Sonotek - Precision Sprayers

Accuracy and Control for Precision Coatings

The MCS AccuMist system combines Sono-Tek’s unique Microspray ultrasonic atomizing nozzle with low-pressure air to produce a soft, highly focused beam of spray.

  • Ultrasonic liquid spray nozzle does not contact work surface.
  • Soft, low-velocity delivery will not harm/ disturb components.
  • No overspray means no waste.
  • Spray pattern adjustable from 0.070 - 0.250 inches.
  • Wide range of delivery rates from 1 - 250 microliters/second.
  • Ultrasonic nozzle will never clog.
  • Adapts easily to robotic control.

Medical applications include Stent Coating and Guide Wire Coating.

Accuracy and Control for Precision Coatings
The MicroMist system combines SonoTek’s unique Microspray ultrasonic atomizing nozzle with low-pressure air to produce a soft, highly focused beam of small spray drops.

The small size of the nozzle tip and air orifice of the MicroMist produces a very fine, focused beam. An isolated hypotube delivers liquid to the nozzle tip while compressed air, delivered through the nozzle orifice at a fixed low pressure, shapes the atomized droplets into a very precise, targeted spray.

Medical applications include Stent Coating.
It is an ideal solution for applications requiring precise coatings utilizing a very narrow spray pattern.

MediCoat - Benchtop Stent Coating System
Sono•Tek Corporation is the world’s leader in stent coating technology. Our 30 years of technical expertise in ultrasonic spray technology has put us on the leading edge of precision medical device coating. With a commitment to providing leading-edge coating equipment, we offer the most advanced stent coating systems on the market.

Controllable Ultrasonic Atomized Spray
for Uniform Coatings

The Impact System offers significant advantages over conventional pressure-spray methods in a broad range of applications. Whether you are coating moving webs of non-woven fabrics, float glass, or odd-shaped industrial or consumer products, the Impact system maintains precise control of the coating at the flow rate you specify. Waste is greatly reduced, since the ultrasonic spray can be easily controlled with the high-velocity Impact air jet.


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