Eureka - Fast Super Dryer


    • When both doors are open, no central-bar/barrier causes inconvenience to put in or takeout all bulky itmes directly.
    • Both doors can be opened individaully.It is highly flexible to store various & enormous amount of components or reels
  • Dual Sensors Design
    Dual sensors design in drying systems and hygrometer without error reading by integrated microprocessor setting and display.
  • ESD Protection on Whole Body
    Each FAST SUPER DRYER has anti-static painting, anti-static glass, anti-static shelves, anti-static stands / casters and a ground wire with 1MΩ.
  • Dehumidification at Room Temperature
    No thermal and moisture retrapping of Δ T effect by baking ovens.


  • Real dehumidified limit <5%RH, or<10%RH or, <20%RH without N2 / dry air purge
  • Real fast dehumidification recovery time <30 min. without N2 / dry air purge
  • Fully automatic cycling for moisture adsorption, moisture de-adsorption / exhaustion and regenerations of drying materials - no drying materials consumptions
  • Meet IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033B
  • Keeping dehumidification even if accidentally powered off
  • Automatic dehumidification with draining free
APPLICATIONS: PP plate (Prepreg), solder, semi-mounted PCB, mounted PCB, mold compounds, IC package (QFP, BGA, CSP, SDP), bonding materials, fluorescence powder, LCG board, wafer, CCD, Condenser, Oscillators, etc.


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