Mirion - Laundry Contamination Monitors

RTM740 Laundry Monitor

The monitor RTM740 is used for contamination measurement of laundry. Monitor, keyboard and computer electronics are protected in a lockable cabinet. The measurement table is made out of stainless steel. On the large measurement area a coverall can completely be laid out or alternatively up to ten shoe covers can be measured. The measurement area is separated into 10 zones and allows an easy identification and location of contaminated parts.


RTM750 Laundry and Small-Items Scanner

The RADOS RTM750 Laundry and Small-Items Scanner is used in nuclear facilities to detect and measure the possible residual contamination in clothing. The RADOS RTM750 Laundry and Small-Items Scanner provides high speed throughput and high monitoring reliability coupled with exceptionally low level detection capability. Two detector arrays, one on top and one below the conveyor belt, guarantee a high detection efficiency with no dead zones. For very small changes in radiation levels, i. e. in the count rate, the scanner uses fast change algorithms based on a Poisson distribution. The RTM750 is suitable for various applications made possible by the option of having different detector types installed.


RTM762 Automatic Vertical Coverall Monitor

The automatic coverall monitor RTM762 of the monitor family CheckPoint:Laundry™ was designed in close co-operation with the conveyor manufacturer and offers a complete solution for the laundry measurement in nuclear plants. The RADOS RTM762 provides a fast throughput of coveralls with high monitoring reliability coupled with the ability to detect exceptionally low level contamination.

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