Mirion - Area Contamination Monitors


The RADOS H1359C is a versatile, portable contamination monitor designed for the connection to large surface flow detectors or Geiger Mueller probes. The equipment is simple to operate and light in weight. An integrated accumulator supplies the equipment connected to the power supply. Alternatively the H1359C can be operated with conventional batteries. This makes the H1359C ideal for the mobile operation or fixed installation in the laboratory.


Microcont II

The RADOS MicroCont II is the specialist for contamination measurement. The efficient measurement of possible contamination is made possible by a large detection area with a high sensitivity. The large multi-functional display is easy to use and to operate. The internal software supplies the user with 10 measurement profiles and parameter modification via a normal office PC by using an internal or external IR-interface. The memory keeps up to max. 500 measurement results which can be exported into MS-Excel.


NORM Probe

Detection probe with evaluation electronics as "stand-alone" unit featuring LED/acoustic system with two LEDs (red and green). The green LED indicates that the probe is in operation. In case of an alarm the red LED is illuminated and an acoustic alarm is given.


NT 200 Smear Test Instrument 

  • Quick measurements
  • Automatic alpha detection
  • Beta measurement
  • Fast decontamination
  • Easy to use, compact
  • Built in computer
  • Direct display in contamination units
  • Built in printer




The QuickSweep™ is a portable contamination monitor designed to detect alpha or beta radiation. The operational applications are in the radiation protection of buildings in controlled areas, isotope laboratories or nuclear activity research plants. The exchangeable BetaFibre™ detectors and the state of the art microprocessor electronics represent the state of the art in mobile monitoring. The experience gained from having built such monitors for the nuclear industry for many years has enabled us to design this gasfree mobile wall/floor monitor. The parameter modification and the access to the measurement results can be achieved by network connection.


HandFoot-Fibre Contamination Monitor

While working within a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA), workers might travel from zones where the potential for contamination is higher to one where this "threat" is lower. Hand and foot monitors quickly scan places where contamination is most likely to be present (the worker's hands and feet) before allowing passage between zones.


Fasttrack-Fibre Gamma Portal Monitor

Gamma portal monitors provide convenient, automated and rapid scanning of people. Nuclear facilities, event venues, emergency teams, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure utilize portal monitors for entry and exit control of radioactive and nuclear materials. They allow continuous scanning of large numbers of pedestrians with accuracy and efficiency. The FastTrack-Fibre™ sets a new standard for gamma portal monitors by combining state-of-the-art Mirion GammaFibre™ detectors with the novel FastTrack technology. This allows an outstanding performance with a virtually zero false alarm rate, even in challenging background conditions.


Whole Body Contamination Monitor

Working in a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) presents the potential for personnel to become contaminated with trace levels of radioactive material. Prior to RCA exit, workers must be scanned to verify that this has not occurred. Whole Body Monitors provide an automated option that is fast, accurate and convenient.

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