Labhut - Tubing Cutter
Accurate and precise cutter for HPLC tubing
The TC-20 tubing cutter is the only CE marked motorised cutter for HPLC tubing currently available. A zero dead volume connection is important for maximum chromatographic performance. Unswept volume, caused by a poor fit between tubing and the mating seat, can cause sample dispersion and unsatisfactory chromatographic results. Poor fit of the tubing can be due to a cut edge that is not square, or by improper deburring. Burrs may prevent the tubing from fully seating and may restrict the internal diameter.
Clean, square cuts: The TC-20 tube cutter assures a zero dead volume connection. The tubing is held securely in a clamp vice on the vertical swing arm. This swing arm is then lowered against the abrasive cutting wheel, producing a perfectly square cut. No lubricant or cutting fluid is required.Cuts 3 common sizes of HPLC tubing:1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" outside diameter (OD) tubing with inside diameters as small as 0.008" can be smooth-cut and dressed without distortion.

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