Labhut - Syringe Filters

Cronus Filters

All Cronus filters are colour coded to help with easy identification. The membrane type and pore size are also printed on each filter to confirm that you are using the correct membrane. 

Typical SampleRecommended Filter SizeResidual Volume (after air purge)
0-2 ml
2-10 ml
>10 ml
4 mm
13 mm
25 mm
<7.5 µl
<25 µl
<50 µl


Pre-Filter Plus
Nylon with Multi-Layered GMF pre-filter for high particle samples
Glass Microfibre Filters
Ideal for heavily contaminated samples
Cellulose Acetate Filters
Low protein binding and hydrophilic
Glass Microfibre Filters
Ideal for heavily contaminated samples
PES Filters
Perfect for ion chromatography applications
Nylon Filters
Number 1 membrane!
Hydrophilic and very low extractables
Regenerated Cellulose Filters
Optimized for biological samples. Solvent resistant
PVDF Filters
Low non-specific binding. High flow rate &generally compatible with common solvents.
Sterile Filters
Sterilized with ethylene oxide and individually sealed

Titan Filters

Titan2 filters are produced to exceptional quality to ensure uninterrupted performance with consistent and reliable results. This prevents Titan2 filters suffering from common problems associated with syringe filters such as leaks and filter 'blow off'. In fact, their performance is guaranteed! All Titan2 syringe filters are colour coded, providing easy identification of the membrane type and porosity.
Nylon Syringe Filters
Membrane of Choice for Analytical Applications.
Nylon Syringe Filters: Naturally hydrophilic, standard 1um prefilter (30 mm)
PES Syringe Filters - Ion Chromatography Certified
Precise results in sensitive analysis of ionic analytes.
Hydrophilic membrane for lC analysis
PTFE Syringe Filters
Excellent chemical resistance for use with organic matrices.
PTFE Syringe Filters - Naturally hydrophobic, standard 1 um prefilter (30 mm)
Polypropylene Syringe Filters
Chemically resistive membrane with low protein binding.
Hydrophobic membrane for aqueous or organic samples
PVDF Syringe Filters
Low non-specific binding with exceptional chemical resistance.
Hydrophilic membrane, standard 1 um prefilter (30 mm)
Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters
For filtering of aqueous solutions or biological samples.
Hydrophilic membrane for bio assays, protein samples, gel capsule 
Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filters
Superior chemical resistance optimized for biological sample recoveries.
Hydrophilic membrane for bio assays, protein samples, gel capsule
Glass Microfiber (GMF) Syringe Filters
Low extractable, 100% binder-free, borosilicate glass filter fordissolution analysis.
Increased sample throughput with 1.2 um and 3.1 um porosity filters

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