Denton Vacuum - Microscopy/Sample Preparation

Vacuum Deposition Systems

The Desk V series of coating systems is designed for electron microscopy sample preparation. The perfect choice for SEM sample preparation, the Desk V is available in a simple mechanically pumped configuration for sputtering of precious metals or carbon evaporation. The turbo pumped model is available for ultra fine grain sample preparation. We also offer a large capacity chamber model, the Desk V XLS, for deposition on larger samples. Carbon evaporation, either using rods or yarn, is available on all models. The Desk V series utilizes an enhanced touch screen as the operator interface. All systems include a gold or gold/palladium target (customer choice). Rotation, Tilt and Rotation and a Film Thickness Monitor are offered as optional accessories for all models (standard on XLS). Spare parts are always available. In addition, a wide variety of target materials are available.


Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

The Bench Top Turbo IV (BTT-IV) is Denton's table-top high vacuum sample preparation system. Features for delivering thin film coatings include fully automatic processing, support for thermal evaporation and ion beam sputter deposition modalities.A large 12" x 12" Bell Jar and 15” diameter stainless steel base plate, with 12 available feedthroughs, enhance flexibility of the system by permitting installation of the multiple evaporation and sputtering accessories. The interface is a color touch screen, which automates and simplifies all aspects of system operation.EM applications include: high vacuum carbon coating for TEM & x-ray analysis; sputtering of noble metals for SEM analysis; carbon support films; carbon platinum replicas; mirror coatings; rotary shadowing; aperture cleaning; asbestos analysis; resistance evaporation of metallic compounds; failure analysis; high resolution sputtering for fine grain films.


Metallic Coating Systems

The Explorer® 14 is Denton’s high vacuum system for EM sample preparation. This system provides the electron microscopist with a high quality vacuum system capable of performing a wide range of different sample preparation techniques in a single UHV vacuum chamber.

The system’s microprocessor controller is designed for easy pumpdown, reducing operator errors and enabling confident operation. Fully reproducible parameters ensure consistent thin film deposition conditions. The integrated touch screen control panel allows for state-of-the-art automation of all process and control functions.

The Explorer® 14 can be configured for a comprehensive range of different specimen preparation techniques. High purity ultra thin chromium metallic coatings can routinely be generated for high resolution microscopy. Other EM applications include: deposition of support films; carbon coatings for microanalysis; carbon replicas; static shadow coating; rotary shadow coating; aperture cleaning; hydrophilic carbon films for negative staining; conductive coatings for SEM; optical interference microscopy.


High Vacuum Evaporator

The DV-502B is the newest addition to the proven line of DV-502 series of evaporators. Since 1964, thousands of these units have been installed at universities and research labs throughout the world.

By using state-of-the-art electronic components and an advanced vacuum design, the DV-502B can rapidly and repeatedly cycle from atmosphere to high vacuum .The DV-502B will reach 10 -4 Torr in a clean and outgassed system within 3 minutes, and 2 x 10 -5 Torr within 4 minutes in the standard 12” dia. X 12” high bell jar. If the system is kept clean and properly operated, no discernible contamination is produced in preparing specimens for electron microscopy.

The 1 kVA evaporation power supply permits evaporation of most materials used in electron microscope specimen preparation including carbon, gold, gold palladium, platinum, etc., and can handle many of the evaporations required in various metalizing, optical coating and other applications. The DV-502B has sufficient pumping speed to handle all of the standard Denton accessories as well as larger bell jars up to 12” dia. X 18” high.




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