Denton Vacuum - Resistance/Thermal Deposition

Optical, Mirror Coatings

The Integrity® series is Denton Vacuum’s flagship system to produce optical coatings. These systems range in size from 26” to 80” and all utilize evaporation technology as the deposition modality. Most, if not all of these vacuum deposition systems are equipped with sources for ion beam assisted deposition and optical monitors are employed for the highest precision applications. The high end process requirements of this product line demand the highest levels of system automation. Typical applications include anti-reflection coatings, narrow band-pass filters, high/low pass filters, hot/cold mirrors and color correcting mirrors. All Integrity systems can be optomized for depositing metals.


Thermal Deposition Systems 

The Explorer® series represents Denton’s workhorse offering in R&D systems. The Explorer® can be configured for thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, multi-cathode ion beam sputter deposition and PECVD. Incorporating the same controls as the Discovery® and Infinity® product vacuum deposition system lines, the features and functionality of this new product line eclipse it’s replacement by an order of magnitude. The Explorer® may be equipped with various cryogenic, turbomolecular or diffusion pumping options. A glass bell jar is the standard chamber configuration although a 14” steel chamber (height sized to specific application) is the predominant configuration.


Denton’s Discovery® HDG is a complete, turnkey system that offers all the features and versatility needed for wide ranging development and production applications – a significantly better value than competitive systems.

System Features/Benefits

Turn-Key Process Packages For: 

  • Ion Beam Deposition & IonBeam Assisted Deposition
  • High density films• Environmental stability
  • Stable deposition rates• Stoichiometry control
  • Ion Beam Etch &Reactive Ion Beam Etch
  • Excellent etch uniformity

Wide Range of Options: 

  • Ion Sources
  • Substrate Fixturing
  • End-point Control
  • RGA
  • Process Automation



High Vacuum Evaporator

The DV-502B is the newest addition to the proven line of DV-502 series of evaporators. Since 1964, thousands of these units have been installed at universities and research labs throughout the world.By using state-of-the-art electronic components and an advanced vacuum design, the DV-502B can rapidly and repeatedly cycle from atmosphere to high vacuum .

The DV-502B will reach 10 -4 Torr in a clean and outgassed system within 3 minutes, and 2 x 10 -5 Torr within 4 minutes in the standard 12” dia. X 12” high bell jar. If the system is kept clean and properly operated, no discernible contamination is produced in preparing specimens for electron microscopy.

The 1 kVA evaporation power supply permits evaporation of most materials used in electron microscope specimen preparation including carbon, gold, gold palladium, platinum, etc., and can handle many of the evaporations required in various metalizing, optical coating and other applications. The DV-502B has sufficient pumping speed to handle all of the standard Denton accessories as well as larger bell jars up to 12” dia. X 18” high.




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