Q-Sense - Accessories

To the Q-Sense E-Series instruments there are a number of accessories available. Accessories are divided in the following categories:

Sensor Accessories


Q-Sense Sensor Holder

The Q-Sense Sensor Holder holds 5 sensors and enables easy and efficient cleaning of sensors. It can also be used for formation of SAMs, e.g thiols. Please note that the holder is not suitable for hydroscopic coatings since the back side of the sensor is coated simultaneously. The holder is made of Teflon®.



UV-Ozone ProCleaner from Bioforce

The ProCleaner™ device is designed to remove molecular levels of contamination to achieve the cleanest possible surface. The ProCleaner from Bioforce works excellent for cleaning of Q-Sense sensors. Cleaning by UV/Ozone treatment is included in most recommended cleaning protocols from Q-Sense.





Peristaltic pump, Ismatec IPC-N 4

This pump is included with the Q-Sense E4 system. The IPC-N4 is designed for analytical applications and allows high-precision flow measurements.



Peristaltic pump, Ismatec Reglo Digital M2-2/12

This pump is included in the E1 system. The Compact Reglo Digital has a low pulsation flow and also furnishes very low flow rates. Further information can be found here.



Syringe pump, Univentor - 864 QS

As an alternative to peristaltic pumps, Q-Sense offers the Univentor 864 QS pump. It comes with a easy-to-use control software developed by Q-Sense and a liquid handling set for simple operation with the Q-Sense E4 system.



Sample Heater


During long time measurements, at for example 37° C, Q-Sense recommends pre-heating of samples for optimal measurement stability by using the Grant QBD1dry heating block.Grant QBD1 is a high precision dry block heating system with digital temperature control and a single removable/interchangeable block.




Installation kit

Contains parts to operate the Q-Sense instruments: crystal cleaning holder, sensor cleaning solution, tweezers, screwdriver for the Standard Flow Module, beakers and tubing cutter.

Liquid Handling set

Contains all the necessary parts for a complete flow set-up with four E4 Flow Modules: HPLC fittings, tubing, o-rings and gaskets.

Replacement parts

Q-Sense provide a full range of replacement parts individually such as tubings, ferrules, o-rings (also highly resistant in Kalrez®), perifits, nuts and sealing gaskets. 





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