EMS - Photography: Film and Supplies
  • Books for Photography and Digital Imaging 
  • Kodak Film including Electron Microscopy Film 
  • Instant Films and Film Holders from Fujifilm 
  • Photographic Papers from Ilford 
  • Photographic Chemicals from Ilford and Kodak 
  • Darkroom Exhaust Fans and Louvers 
  • Mohr Automatic Film and Print Processor 
  • Developing Tanks, Film Racks, Tongs, Squeegees, and Dryers 
  • Cutters and Rotary Trimmers 
  • Easels and Enlargers 
  • Enlarging Focusing Aids, and Light Gathering Magnifiers 
  • Film Safes, Film Cleaner, and Static Eliminators 
  • Tapes, Sprays, and Adhesives for Photo Mounting 
  • Darkroom Timers, Safe Lights, and Light Boxes 
  • Dry Transfer Lettering Sheets 
  • Negative Envelopes, Film Sleeves, and CD Sleeving 
  • File Cabinet Systems and Portable Storage Chests 
  • INFINITY Digital Microscope Cameras 
  • Digital Microscope Slide Scanner 
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