BioLogic - Potentiostat/Galvanostat/EIS

Simplicity and Performance

The SP-50 is an economical, value oriented potentiostat/galvanostat designed to address applications in general electrochemistry and corrosion. It offers good performance for a small price tag. Contained in a simple, compact chassis, the SP-50 is targeted for new researchers in the field of electrochemistry.

Simple and Powerful in a versatile chassis
The SP-150 potentiostat is an economical research-grade potentiostat. With its modular chassis, this instrument can be customized to address all applications in the area of classical electrochemistry. The SP-150 potentiostat can be upgraded at purchase or at a later date with an EIS measurement option, a low current option (1 nA range) and external power boosters (2, 5, 10, 20, 80 A). It is the only instrument on the market capable of switching at 10 uS from a potential control to a current control.

Breakthrough Technology - A New Generation of super potentiostat

SP-300 is a state-of-the-art research grade potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA with remarkable specifications. It is the newest benchmark in the Bio-logic product range. Drawing upon Bio-logic’s long history of flexible and modular potentiostat design, the breakthrough technology incorporated in the SP-300 results in exceptional performance. The standard potentiostat in the SP-300 provides 12 volts compliance, +/- 10 V reference control, and a maximum current of +/- 500 mA. A novel 48 V/1 A booster kit has been developed to address applications requiring higher voltages. A range of nine intelligent bandwidths ensures the stability of the SP-300 in a wide variety of experimental conditions.

The SP-300 is a floating instrument, allowing it to be used with grounded cells, autoclaves, and in glove boxes. Additionally, on-site corrosion experiments can be performed.



A new generation of versatile instruments ... designed for ALL your electrochemical applications

The VSP is a modular potentiostat with research grade specifications.
With its modular chassis, the VSP can be equipped with additional capabilities, including a low current option, impedance, and additional potentiostat channels, all via its unique plug-in modules. Each potentiostat installed in the VSP can be connected to an external current booster channel (2, 5, 10, 20, or 80 amps). All this versatility, plus its ability to switch from potential control to current control in 10 uS, makes it the perfect choice for any electrochemical application.



Research Grade Battery Cycler

The MPG2 is a multi-channel, research grade battery cycler designed for research on intercalation compounds, batteries and supercapacitors. The MPG2 is the next generation of the Bio-Logic’s popular MacPile testing unit. Battery testing typically requires a large number of simultaneous tests being performed. As a result, the configuration of MPG2 is fixed at 16 channels. Each channel is an independent potentiostat/galvanostat.


Boosters for SP-150 & VSP
Boost your potentiostat

Boosters and load boxes are available to expand the capabilities of each channel of your Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat. The modular design of our boosters and loads allows them to be installed in the potentiostat chassis, or connected externally.


High current potentiostat (+/-80A +/-3V) with EIS 

The HCP-803, a single channel potentiostat with built-in 80 A booster, is designed to address applications in the development and testing of fuel cells, batteries, and super-capacitors.


High current potentiostat with EIS for Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH battery testing

The HCP-1005, a single channel potentiostat with built-in 100 A booster, is designed for the testing of Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries.


CLB-500 & LB-500
A unique software controlled 500 W (50 A/10 V) electronic load

The CLB-500, a controlled electronic load box, is specially designed for the latest research on devices delivering energy from renewable sources. The CLB-500 couples an electronic load with an EIS capable potentiostat in the same compact chassis. This controlled electronic load, which can handle up to a 500 W load at 50 A / 10 V, is specially dedicated to applications which supplied energy but don’t need any power for charge like the study of fuel cells and photovoltaic cells. Two configurations are available, the controlled stand-alone CLB-500, and the external LB-500. The LB-500 is installed into an external chassis and is controlled by an existing Bio-Logic system, such as the SP-150 or VSP. The CLB-500 can be disconnected to use the system as a research grade potentiostat/galvanostat.


Electrochemical plating made easy

The EPP-4000 is a single channel potentiostat designed to address applications in the pulse plating electrochemistry market. With easy to use waveform programming software, complicated pulse waveforms can be created, applied and monitored.

Two potentiostats in one box
  • 2 channels fully independent or synchronized
  • 1st channel: From 100 fA up to 400 mA
  • 2nd channel: From 1 nA up to 400 mA in standard
  • Current autoranging
  • Rotating electrode control
  • Time base: 20 µs
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT and USB2 communication
  • 2,3,4 and 5 terminal measurements
  • Supplied with the 32-bits Windows-based EC-Lab® Express and EC-Lab® electrochemistry software (NT, 2000, XP and Vista).



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